Midlife and Menopause

“Midlife is the old age of youth and the youth of old age.”



Welcome to Midlife and Menopause, a site about women who are about to begin or have begun the second half of their life’s journey.

Entering the stage of life called midlife doesn’t happen instantaneously. It’s a gradual process and occurs over many months, maybe even years. It’s not as though we wake up one day and say, “Oh! Here I am at the middle of my life!”

For some women, midlife starts to creep into our consciousness during our early forties, while for others, awareness may not come until we’re well into our fifties, especially if menopause has been easy. When the signs and symptoms of midlife start to appear for any individual woman depends on many factors: age when we married, had our children, attention to our nutrition and wellness, family genetics, when and how we lost our parents, began our careers or went back to work, to name a few.

The physical changes we experience leading to menopause are often upsetting, confusing, bothersome and sometimes even unbearable. Night sweats, forgetfulness, trouble sleeping, weight gain, irritability, loss of sex drive…and the list goes on. These symptoms can begin so subtly that at first we may not even recognize them as the onset of the CHANGE OF LIFE!

On this site, we will explore the many different effects, concerns and challenges of both Midlife and Menopause. But please, be assured that just because we’ve begun the “second half” of our life, it’s not all downhill. Quite the contrary!

Certainly the physiological and psychological changes we experience while crossing from the first to the second half of our lives can be disconcerting and tremendously challenging. However, midlife can also be an exhilarating time of awakening to things we’ve never had urges to do before and the re-awakening of past desires.

It is a time to celebrate, renovate and liberate ourselves!

Together, we will address and discuss these topics in detail, with honesty and humor, patience and care, and joyfully discover ways to honor our inner spirit, explore our dreams and reach our goals.


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