Did You Just Hear What You Said?

Over the last several years, I’ve assembled my own list of “Bad Words.” They’re not dirty words or curse words; in fact, they’re pretty ordinary words by most measure. But, after listening to dozens of motivational speakers and reading many, many books on mindset, it occurred to me these few words can be quite dangerous. In the context in which they most often get used, they are definitely words which weaken, confuse, water-down, avoid and cloud people’s intentions.

I think we should make every effort to ban these words from our vocabulary…at least until we become conscious of why we use them and their negative power over our lives. Since I have become aware of them as quick escape hatches that people consciously and unconsciously pepper their conversations with, every time I hear one spoken, it is not unlike fingernails screeching across a chalk board.

Wouldn’t it be cool if every time we used one of these words in the way they’re most often used (the way that I think is “bad”) that a little alarm would sound in our heads and raise our consciousness? I’m sure some of you feel the same way as I do about some of these words.

So I thought I’d share my list of “Bad Words” with you, and see if you, like me, feel it would be good to eradicate them from our language. I believe much of our power LIVES in our written and spoken “WORD”…that if our thoughts remain just thoughts and are never shared with others, they cannot manifest anything.

So here’s my list:

Eileen Boyle’s List of BAD WORDS

(Make an Intention to Delete These Words From Your Vocabulary!!!)

Instead of saying “I’ll try”…Say “I WILL”
Because people who say “TRY,” usually don’t.

Instead of saying “Possibly”…Say “DEFINITELY”
Because people who say “POSSIBLY,” usually mean it’s not likely.

Instead of saying “Someday”…Say “TODAY”
Because people who say “SOMEDAY,” usually never get things done.

Instead of saying “Maybe”…Say “ABSOLUTELY”
Because people who say “MAYBE,” have little, if any, conviction.

Instead of saying “I could”…Say “I WILL”
Because people who say “COULD,” rarely follow through.

Instead of saying “Might”…Say “CERTAINLY”
People who say “MIGHT,” usually make an excuse later.

Instead of saying “If”…Say “WHEN”
People who say “IF,” dream but don’t act.

Instead of saying “I hope”…Say “I BELIEVE”
People who say “I HOPE,” usually have little belief.

Instead of saying “But”…Say NOTHING!
When the word “BUT” pops into your head, ask yourself “BUT WHAT?”…then don’t say anything more!

Let me know what you think of my list of “Bad Words” and if you have any “Bad Words” of your own, that you’d like me to add to this list. I’m sure I’ve missed some! And thanks in advance for sharing your ideas with me, so we can all hold ourselves accountable for our words.

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