Messages from the Universe: Pay Close Attention for Yours!

We’ve all heard the expression: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

I hope the audience of this blog immediately countered with, “Eileen, you’re NOT old!”

But, sometimes I sure feel old, especially when I need to learn a new trick that has to do with anything digital!

But I can – and have – and will continue – to learn new tricks. (Pinky swear!)

When I was a child, I was taught to NEVER use the phrase “I HATE…” followed by anything!

“I hate liver; it smells putrid when it’s cooking!”

“I hate my nose, even if it is a family ‘gift!’”

“I hate Susie Q; she’s mean and always picks on me!”

“I hate digital products! I just don’t understand them!”

For years, I hated the Internet, Social Media, anything to do with computers or DIGITAL products (including, but certainly NOT limited to clocks, watches, microwaves, TVs, DVD players, iPods, mobile phones, cameras, and on and on!)

And now, whenever I’m faced with buying or upgrading this or that digital “thing,” I’m ashamed to admit I still resist!  I dig my heals in, rail at the universe, shout at the top of my lungs, “Why me?”

Over and over, when my personal growth relates to new gadgets and gizmos, I create RESISTANCE. I reject the gifts laid at my feet by an expanding, changing and growing Universe. I fight POSSIBILITY!!!

Mostly because I dread the Herculean mental s-t-r-e-t-c-h required to learn new-fangled technology. I hear the voice in my head saying it’s “too hard”, “too complicated” or worse, I tell myself I don’t need this new knowledge because I have “enough” knowledge!

Thankfully, as I was reminded this past week, the Universe is forgiving. And she knows how to motivate me to keep me plugging along!

From time-to-time, she rewards my perseverance and commitment to overcoming a stubborn, limiting belief by dropping something precious right into my lap. No fanfare, no hoopla – just a simple sign or connection. Often, I’m totally unaware I’m even waiting for this sign, until after it happens. And this, though I’ve turned my back time-and-time again to her.

Sunday, October 17 was the 3rd anniversary of my stepson Brendan’s death. He died from a heroin overdose at the age of 26 after battling multiple addictions to drugs, alcohol and gambling since he was in his teens. I try not to focus on my losses or to stoke my melancholy when it strikes, but I’ll admit throughout the day last Sunday my heart was heavy and my mind kept wandering down the long and winding road called Memory Lane. By evening, I decided to post something on Facebook to acknowledge the significance of the day for me, yet I didn’t want to seem morose.

Then, I remembered that my daughter Hayley had chosen to play a song at Brendan’s viewing, one that would be considered a very non-traditional choice: “Keg on My Coffin” by The Pushstars. However, three years ago when she’d played the song on that sad, sad day, I immediately understood her choice and completely concurred with it!

So, Sunday night I logged onto YouTube and found a video of Chris Trapper, the lead singer for The Pushstars, singing “Keg on My Coffin” accompanied by just his guitar.

“Perfect,” I thought, and quickly posted the link on my Facebook wall with my message.

A little while later that evening, I noticed I had a Facebook friend request. Then in total amazement, I looked at the name and for a second I thought I must be imagining things. For there, right in front of me, was a friend request from none other than Chris Trapper himself! He must’ve seen my post, I thought, but HOW?

I quickly accepted his friend request and wrote a private message to Chris. After several back and forth messages to each other, all in quick succession, I had my answer!

Among the thousands of friends Chris Trapper (a complete STRANGER to me) and I have on Facebook, we have just ONE FRIEND in common. And by some fluke, some infinitesimal chance, Chris had been on this mutual friend’s page when my post and link to his video showed up, which then prompted him to reach out to connect with me, a potential fan.

In a split second, our worlds collided. We crossed paths. Our awareness of each other synced up!

Prior to this, I’d been aware of Chris’ existence, but he’d been unaware of mine. Furthermore, he had no idea his music had touched my family and friends on October 17, 2007 when we remembered Brendan to Chris Trapper’s song.

At the end of our Facebook communication, I wished Chris well, and added,

“Let me know the next time you’re going to be playing in the Philly area.”

Then, his message back:

“Hi Eileen…

Just so happens I’m playing Philly this Thur. night…


So, guess where I’ll be going on Thursday night?

That’s right…I’ll be attending Chris Trapper’s show at the Tin Angel in Philadelphia…as his guest! Isn’t that cool?

I believe this was no mere coincidence.

I believe this was the Universe, Source, Almighty Being, or God (you choose which works for you) tapping me on my shoulder to say, “Hey, Eileen, listen up. YOU matter to me. YOU matter to others. YOU count for something very important in this world. Without you, the world would be different. Keep up the good work…and here’s a little something for your effort.”

Am I glad I’ve persisted in learning how to use digital tools? Do you think I believe in the power of the Internet? Do you think I’ll keep pushing myself, despite my discomfort, sometimes downright resentment and feelings of inadequacy, to learn new things?

You bet I will!!!

When I’m sitting in the audience on Thursday night listening to Chris perform, I’ll probably shed a tear or two for Brendan’s too short life. (Not probably! I KNOW I will…I’ve always been the “cry baby” of the family!) But the tears will be grateful tears, tears of joy and appreciation – because as short as his life was, as troubled and troubling as he was, I loved him. For everything he took from me, he also gave. And he’s still giving me gifts!

Thanks Universe, for once again reminding me that:

  1. With extra patience and love, even old dogs can learn new tricks.
  2. We all need to know we matter, make a difference, count for something.
  3. The Universe always gives us signs; small though they may be.

Are you listening and watching for yours?

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