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What is a Hot Flash and How Can I Minimize Them?

For years before I ever experienced my first hot flash, I heard women friends complain about them. Sometimes I could actually see the onset of a friend’s hot flash as I’d be speaking with her. Her face would begin to redden; a light line of sweat would break out across her upper lip or across […]

I’m Not Getting Older, I’m Getting Better!

I am a Baby Boomer, born smack dab in the middle of the 1950s, and I just turned 55 years old on August 19. “Yippee!” Yes, you heard me right! I exclaimed, “Yippee!” Back when I was about to turn 25, a quarter of a century sounded old to me, like some dire pronouncement of […]

What to Do When You’re Hit with the Double Whammy – Menopause and Anxiety.

Some women seem to sail untroubled right through perimenopause to menopause. Other women aren’t so lucky. Dumped overboard, they hold their own in a sea of transition, bobbing up and down while treading water. They are confident there really is an end to their symptoms, a lifeline called the other side. But for some women, […]

Has Your Libido Dropped? It Could Be Perimenopause.

Okay girls, have you noticed that watching a steamy love scene featuring your favorite movie hunk no longer gets your motor running? Does the idea of putting on a sexy negligee, lighting some candles and leaving a trail of rose petals to the boudoir leaving you rolling in laughter? When you call your babysitter, is […]

Midlife and Menopause

“Midlife is the old age of youth and the youth of old age.”    Proverb Welcome to Midlife and Menopause, a site about women who are about to begin or have begun the second half of their life’s journey. Entering the stage of life called midlife doesn’t happen instantaneously. It’s a gradual process and occurs […]

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