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Skin Cancer: Minimize Your Risk by What You Eat

 I write a lot about the importance of diet to our health and well being. What we eat – and what we do not eat – has been proven to directly affect obesity levels, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, osteoporosis and even dental diseases.With spring’s arrival heralding warmer weather and longer, sunny days, people will be […]

Tighten up the Slack on Arm Flab!

When’s the last time you went sleeveless without worrying about how your arms above the elbow look naked? How does it feel to wave goodbye to someone and realize the jiggly skin on your upper arms continues to shake after your hand has stopped moving? Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself in […]

Feeling Attractive: Is it Just a Superficial Issue?

There are days when I just don’t feel or look my best; when something’s missing or lacking and I feel “less than” or not quite “good enough.” When this happens, it’s really hard for me to function optimally. I move through my day, doing my best to accomplish what needs to be accomplished, yet I […]

Go Ahead and Spoil Yourself!

The world today passes by at warp speed; our children are born, grow up, move out and have children of their own…and looking back, we always ask ourselves, “Where did the years go so quickly?” During the hectic years of child-rearing, building our careers, continuing our own education, volunteering for a myriad of worthy causes […]

I Will Admit that I am Embarrassed by My Roots!

My heritage is Irish, and like many of my ancestors and current kin, I have pale skin and brown hair. On some of my female relatives, this combination is quite eye-catching and head turning. You’ve seen them before: the alabaster-skin-raven-haired beauties of the romance novels! And certain actresses like Anne Hathaway, who has perfect, pale […]

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