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Empty Nest Syndrome: Truth or Myth?

  Even the sound of its name conjures sadness and loneliness; after all what good is an “empty” nest? You’ve seen them, perched high in the branches of a tree or tucked into the soffits or doorjambs of a building. Empty nests: mounds of twigs, string and muck sitting abandoned, crumbling in the wind, no […]

No Matter Our Age, There’s No Place Like Home

When I was a child, I loved The Wizard of Oz. And since I grew up in an era long, long before DVD, Netflix or On-Demand, we had to wait a whole year between viewings for the movie to be shown again on TV. In our house it became a night for a special occasion! […]

Messages from the Universe: Pay Close Attention for Yours!

We’ve all heard the expression: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” I hope the audience of this blog immediately countered with, “Eileen, you’re NOT old!” But, sometimes I sure feel old, especially when I need to learn a new trick that has to do with anything digital! But I can – and have […]

Change is Inevitable, Change is Necessary, and Change is GOOD!

In coaching midlife women, I’m learning so much about the power of change. Whether change happens to us, or is chosen by us, change can be the starting point of miracles happening in our lives. Terry Neil wrote, “Change is a door that can only be opened from the inside.” Many years ago, in the […]

Packing the Last Lunch

After 15 years, I just packed my last “brown bag” lunch. My youngest daughter is graduating high school next week and I’m happy. REALLY happy! Not just because I packed my last lunch, but because my days of full-time parenting are coming to an end. This August, when she heads off to college, I will […]

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