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Set Goals but Work on Small Moves over the Short Term

The last day of the year has arrived – again! For many people, this is a time for review and reflection about the year now drawing to a close. Besides being the end of another year, an entire decade has passed since the turn of the century in 2000. Ten years ago, the start of […]

Humor and the Holidays

Preparing for the holidays can be a bit overwhelming. There’s gift shopping and wrapping, decorating, holiday meal planning, baking, visits to Santa, church services, parties and special events and frequent get-togethers with family and friends. Many women don’t get enough rest because we’re on the go from morning to late at night tending to our […]

Retiring Supermom, Superwoman

For the last couple weeks I ran away. No, not literally, just figuratively. In other words I turned tail, headed for the hills, flew the coop, bowed out, fell behind, disengaged, and withdrew. The last two synonyms express it perfectly: I disengaged. I withdrew. Sure, I had my reasons for withdrawing! Don’t we all have […]

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